The Exit Report

A valuation and roadmap for preparing businesses to sell or transfer to the next generation. 



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The Exit Report



  • Business valuation based on three approaches and comparable transactions.
  • A Value Builder Score Report reviewing how your company scores on the 8 drivers of business value. 
  • Two hours of one-on-one confidential consultation via Zoom with a Certified Value Builder to explain the Report and answer your questions.
  • One month full access to The Value Builder System - the world’s leading cloud-based platform for building company value.
  • Designed for business owners with $500k - $10 million in annual revenue.

Exit Report + Lease Analysis



  • Review of your Lease by a commercial leasing expert and how it can impact your exit plans (business terms only, not a legal review)
  • Analysis of the business Terms contained within your Lease and how they impact the valuation of your business
  • Recommendations on how to increase your business’s valuation by negotiating changes in your Lease Terms
  • Development of a concise Lease Abstract highlighting the most pertinent business terms in your Lease
  • 30-minute one-on-one confidential consultation with your Leasing Specialist

Exit Report + Property Analysis



  • An Opinion of Value Report based on comparable sales and property condition. Property tour required and currently available only in Chicago Metro
  • Analysis of any Tenant Leases 
  • Recommendations on how to increase your business’s valuation with the right positioning of your property
  • A comparative analysis for including real property in a sale of your business, or retaining ownership of it as an investment property with Tenant(s)
  • A thirty-minute one-on-one consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable  InSite Commercial Realty Broker

It's Simple!

3 Steps to get your Exit Report

Step 1

We'll email you a link to schedule a quick introductory call and to invite you to get your Value Builder Score by taking a 10-15 minute questionnaire.

You'll immediately receive  your Score and a one-page report highlighting how your business ranks across the 8 drivers of value.  

Step 2

During our introductory call we'll provide instructions to send us the basic documents we'll need to complete your valuation. 

We'll give a quick overview of Score report, and how to login to the Value Builder System and access monthly video tutorials and value-building tools.

Step 3

Meet with your advisor for a detailed review of the Exit Report. 

We'll explain the current and  potential value of your business and give you some actionable steps to consider.

This can be scheduled as one 2-hour session or two 1-hour sessions.