The Exit Report

A subscription business valuation that helps you increase value and "sellability" . 



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The Exit Report

$99.00 /mo

(Paid Annually: $1000 - save $198)


  • Business Valuation & Sellability Score based on trailing 3 years that updates monthly
  • Monitor your Score in real time as you implement changes to your business model and financials.
  • Monthly updates include the latest comparable sale transactions, KPI's, and SWOT relevant to your industry based on NAICS or SIC code.
  • Quarterly analysis of M&A activity and comparable transactions compared by industry.
  • Every fiscal year-end we update your Business Valuation to reflect the latest financials.
  • 2 hours  of one-on-one consultation via Zoom with an advisor to answer your questions and help you get the most out of the Exit Report.
  • One month full access to The Value Builder System - the world’s leading cloud-based platform for building company value.
  • Designed for businesses with with $300K - $10M in annual revenue.

It's Simple!

3 Steps to get your Exit Report

Step 1

Schedule an introductory call and take our 10-15 minute questionnaire to get your Value Builder Score. 

You'll immediately receive  your Score and a one-page report highlighting how your business ranks across the 8 drivers of value.  

Step 2

During our 30 minute introductory call we'll provide instructions to send us the basic documents we'll need to complete your valuation. 

We'll give an overview of the Score report and how to login to the Value Builder System.

Step 3

Meet with your advisor for a 90 minute detailed review of the Exit Report. 

We'll explain the current and  potential value of your business, give you some actionable steps to consider, and answer any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Who is this for?

Business owners with annual revenues between $300K - $10M  that want to understand the current market value of their business as well as the potential value of their companies and strategies to increase them.

Can this be used for Litigation or IRS Audits?

No - you will need to have a certified appraisal done for Court purposes or IRS audits, we can refer you to a partner that specializes in this.

What valuation methods do you use?

The Exit Report compares valuations derived from a variety of approaches: 

  1. Multiple of Earnings
  2. Mulitple of Income
  3. Discounted Cash Flow
  4. Comparable transactions

How long does it take to complete?

We can complete the valuation withinin 5 business days of receiving the financials, reports, or other items we'll need to get started.

How do I send you my documents?

You'll receive instructions on how to do a upload the necessary files to our secure server directly.  All files and information are kept strictly confidential.

What documents do you need from me?

  1. Three years of financials (Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheets)
  2. Three years of federal tax returns(Two years, if the most recent year hasn't been filed.)
  3. Lease or Property related information (if applicable)