Selling a Business

Specializing in companies with revenues between $300k - $20M per year.

Why ExitAdvisor

ExitAdvisor is focused on helping business owners make an educated decision about selling.  It's not a process that should be rushed.  Whether your company has $300 thousand in annual revenue or $20 million, our experience and resources can help you accomplish a successful exit.

This is how we do it:

  • We manage the process, allowing you to run the business as normal.
  • We represent you and negotiate on your behalf.
  • We maximize the chances of a successful sale.
  • We increase exposure through an existing network of contacts
  • We confidentially locate potential buyers and qualify them.


No Long-Term Contracts


No long-term commitments are necessary.  Our services are aligned with your goals.  Cancel at any time - whether you're preparing for a sale or ready to go on the market now.

The ExitAdvisor Process

Selling a business is challenging and complex at times, we simplify the process in order to:

  • Streamline the transaction.
  • Reduce risk.
  • Maximize the Value and Sales Price.
  • Identify & Approach qualified buyers.

Let's Talk Confidentially 

Reserve a time for a complimentary consultation and overview of how we can help with the sale of your business, whether you intend to sell now, or years down the road.

  • ExitAdvisor

    “We met with several brokers and Jason stood out in his emphasis on communication and his willingness to try different methods.

    As it turned out, both of these ended up to be spot on.

    Most importantly, our relationship with Jason resulted in the sale of our business and we were happy to have worked with him.”

    Shady Hill Gardens, Inc.

  • ExitAdvisor

    “Jason was an extremely diligent, resourceful, and knowledgeable agent in helping me with the acquisition of my IT services company. He took the time to understand my goals and priorities and faithfully represented them to prospective buyers. He was organized, professional and transparent with me about what to expect at every step along the way.

    I recommend him wholeheartedly, especially to first-time sellers like me.”

    MacHero, Inc.

  • ExitAdvisor

    “Jason took the time to fully understand the multiple facets of my business to provide what I felt was an accurate valuation. After he presented the valuation of my business, he made himself available to go further in depth of how he arrived at his valuation and then thoroughly answered any questions I had.”

    Owner, Autopractor

  • ExitMaker plus the ExitReport Exit Report

    What's your business worth?  Find out with the Exit Report.


    “Choosing Jason as my ExitAdvisor for my business planning and exit strategy was the best decision I made. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely patient with my many questions!
    Thanks again!”

    Piggly Wiggly

  • ExitMaker plus the ExitReport Exit Report

    What's your business worth?  Find out with the Exit Report.


    “I have been thinking the last couple of years on if I wanted to sell my business or just stay still. I was not sure where to start or even is my company attractive enough to be on the market and where am I with my company finances? I was really putting too much unnecessary pressure on myself because of the unknown.

    I contacted Jason Pittman at ExitAdvisor during my quandary to help me figure a starting point. Jason took the time to explain his process of selling a business and more importantly to make sure that I understood every aspect of my finances and the strength that I have in my company. He also pointed out where I can turn around some of my weaknesses as well.

    I had a better understanding after Jason showed me his findings in all the information that he had asked for and turned it into a small portfolio of what it would take to get top dollar and to increase the value of my company whether I was going to sell or not. This was the first time in fifteen years that I felt strong about running and increasing my finances in my adventure.

    I decided not to sell and with Jason’s suggestions we are making our company stronger for when the time comes to sell! ExitAdvisor has made our company even better than I could imagine!! ”

    President, Dream Cakes Chicago

  • ExitAdvisor

    “Thanks for your help with the valuations. Getting some strategic advice from an outside perspective and the detailed reporting was nice. They were very helpful when considering potential buyers for my businesses.”

    Custom Corner, Inc & Picture Soap, LLC