One Bold Decision That Led to a 20X Growth in Revenue

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In 2009, Raman Sehgal started a small marketing company called Ramarketing. In 2015, frustrated with the company’s progress, Sehgal decided to analyze his business. 

That’s when he discovered something interesting. 

Ramarketing’s most valuable customers (low-maintenance, sticky, high gross margin, etc.) were in the pharmaceutical industry. Sehgal immediately pivoted the company to solely serve clients in the pharmaceutical supply chain. 

Focusing on big pharma worked. Ramarketing grew from $500,000 in revenue in 2015 to around $10 million by 2022, which is when Sehgal accepted an acquisition offer from NorthEdge Capital of more than 10X EBITDA. During today’s episode you’ll learn how to: 

  • Become meaningfully specific. 
  • Delegate lower-value tasks using one simple hack. 
  • Minimize your risk of getting re-traded. 
  • Maximize your multiple using an unconventional marketing tactic. 
  • Utilize a bold technique to increase your leverage in a negotiation to sell your company. 

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