About us

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs transition their businesses to the next generation.

​Business owners work with us to increase the value of their companies as well as their chances of successfully exiting one day. When that time comes, we help owners sell or transition their business confidentially, often without the general public ever knowing, whether that be to family, key employees, or a third party buyer.​

Many of our clients engage us years in advance of their exit as they consider the value of their business and their own exit plans.  We help them understand what drives the value in their business and identify actionable steps they can take to maximize value and increase the odds of a successful transition. 

We feel that every owner should have a sellable business, whether they plan to sell or not.  Life happens, and unfortunately most owners wait until there is a pressing need in their life before they start to consider their exit planning.  PLUS - the same things that make a business sellable are the same things that make a business fun to own!

For most owners, their business is potentially the single largest asset in their portfolio.  Unlocking that value to fund retirement or the next phase of their life is critical, and taking the wrong approach can waste years of their time and cause major disruption in the operations and value of the business.

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Jason Pittman